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An In-depth Look at the Momeni Rugs

There is no stylish rug that is comparable with the intricate, unique and glorious design of the momeni rugs.  The reputation of being the ‘rug of excellence’ is deeply rooted in its rich history.  The production of the momeni rug … Continue reading

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5 Style Tips for Selecting an Area Rugs Perfect for Your Space

Size It Up The size of your area can dictate the dimensions of the perfect area rug. Individuals typically opt for a district floor covering that’s too little for his or her area; therefore keep this rule of thumb in … Continue reading

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Persian rugs have a rich history and it has always been known as a luxurious decorative item. In ancient times, kings and queens adored oriental tapestry and today the status of the Persian rug is no less than it was. … Continue reading

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Tips for Decorating your Home with Area Rugs

If you want to add some excitement in your room interior, then a rug can be perfect choice. A rug add coziness, warmth in your room apart from this it offers a stylish look to your interior. By adding some … Continue reading

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Overdyed Area Rugs: An Adventurous Take in Home Decorating

Today, more than ever, more and more people are being adventurous when it comes to decorating the house. Gone were the days wherein most were limited with conventional carpets, which can be seen in almost every home. With the penchant … Continue reading

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Enhance Your Home with Pillows

Interior style and residential decor demand plenty of skilled suggestion and everyone has their own wishes and tastes once it involves decorating their homes. Every room of the house has their own importance; but the lounge is a locality that … Continue reading

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Picking the Right Type of Rug

There is a wide range of different types of rugs out on the market, and you’d have to consider quite a few things when you want to pick up the right one. In any case, you have to determine whether … Continue reading

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