5 Style Tips for Selecting an Area Rugs Perfect for Your Space

  1. Size It Up

The size of your area can dictate the dimensions of the perfect area rug. Individuals typically opt for a district floor covering that’s too little for his or her area; therefore keep this rule of thumb in mind: in keeping with HGTV, a general rule is to pick a floor covering that’s between 6 inches and 2 feet from the closest walls. This could provide you with the correct proportion of exposed flooring to border your floor covering.

Modern living room and balcony

  1. Anchor the area

You can use an area rug to outline a speech area at intervals area or connect all of the look components within a space. As your area rugs are often the put concentration of your area, it shouldn’t merely be associate afterthought. Instead, it’s best to select out your floor covering before your piece of furniture. The pattern or kind of your floor covering can then set the tone for your color scheme and every one of the opposite style components to follow. Therefore opt for floors covering you’re keen on, and also the rest can constitute place!

  1. Contemplate Your Flooring

Designers generally advise you to hide onerous flooring surfaces like wood, laminate, concrete, and tile with space rugs. However rules are meant to be broken, right? Generally a district rug’s color, pattern, and texture will distinction fantastically over a carpet that features a low pile. This sudden trick will extremely build your floor covering—and your whole space—pop! Play with a couple of totally different rug designs together with your flooring to visualize what works best.

Area rugs even have sensible purposes; they’ll absorb sound, entice heat, and shield your flooring from scratches. But, word to the wise: you’ll need to forgo employing a under layment, as they’ll follow or harm your flooring.


  1. Choose a floor covering form

Area rugs continually ought not to be a rectangular form. Rugs in a circle or an oval shape can work well for certain furniture layouts, and unique shapes, like a bearskin floor covering, will slash the monotony of an area. A spherical floor covering is good to put beneath a spherical table, for instance, however it may soften up an area that primarily has onerous edges and straight lines. In massive living rooms, you’ll be able to use 2 floor coverings to outline separate speech areas; merely opt for the form of rug that works best for every seating configuration.

  1. Layer It

If most of your interior decoration is neutral, a district floor covering will take your area from uninteresting to dynamic! In any case, a district floor covering is sort of a piece of design at a lower place your feet. Therefore don’t be afraid to induce sportive with color and pattern here. Darker colors will disguise spills, whereas daring patterns on outsized rugs will build an area feel larger. Try and choose patterns with lines and shapes that are carried through your piece of furniture items and accessories.


And don’t forget that you just will layer the look! If you can’t decide between 2 rugs that you just extremely love, use both! Begin with a pleasant neutral space floor covering, like sisal, jute, or grass, and so set a smaller patterned rug on prime to actually stand out. Natural fibers could also be stained forever once somebody spills wine or juice thereon, however a sturdy floor covering fabricated from wool or an artificial material are often simply clean.

Choosing an area rug could seem intimidating, however it are often a fun task. Once you recognize however you wish to use the area and also the overall feel you’re endeavor for, you can find the right rug that will tie everything together!

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