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Home decorating with moroccan rugs guide

If you are thinking of simple home improvement projects that can provide your place with a more appealing look, one that can be taken into account would be having a Moroccan rug. With its colour, patterns, and artistry, it can make any space look more staggering, which can make your guests envious and wish that they have the same beautiful rug in their homes. If you are looking for cheap Moroccan rugs, the good news is that you do not have to travel far. Even at the comfort of your own home, through online shopping, you can choose from a wide array of styles. To choose which one is best for home decorating, follow the tips that are mentioned below.

Types of Rug

When shopping for Moroccan style rug, it is important to pick which type is best for your needs, and more importantly, one that will complement the overall style of the room where it is going to be placed. One of the choices that can be taken into account would be an urban Arab rug, which is characterised by intricate, oriental, and fine designs inspired by the Middle East. Urban Berber rugs, on the other hand, have abstract styles and patterns and are hand-woven by tribes. They have more character because they tell the story of a specific tribe. If you want simple black or brown patterns, the shedwi Moroccan rug can be perfect. Berber carpets, on the other hand, will be ideal if you prefer irreverent and fun designs.

Moroccan home decor guide

Spice It Up With Colours

It is a good idea to have a Moroccan shag rug with colorful geometric patterns, especially if it is going to be complemented with equally vibrant interior and decor, such as with your decorative pillows and paint. This is the perfect idea if you would like to make any space more energetic, which will surely help alter our mood every time you see it.

Go Vintage and Simple

For those who prefer simplicity, on the other hand, a vintage Moroccan trellis rug can be perfect. This is an excellent idea for decorating your bedroom or an office. It will make any space look more formal and professional, especially when complemented with minimal decor pieces, such as those that are made from wood and neutral tones.

moroccan home decor

A Modern Take

Even with discount Modern rugs, you can make the house look elegant and contemporary. To design a living room, choose a classic Moroccan shag rug and decorate with colorful throw and floor pillows and ornate drapes. Nonetheless, while the decors are colorful, make sure to keep the backdrop as neutral as possible, which will help in creating an excellent contrast.

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Best collection of overdyed area rugs

An overdyed rug offers the best of both worlds – the look and feel of vintage with an up to date colour palette. Wondering how to make it work in your home? A perfectly tonal room needs pattern and texture to keep it interesting.

overdyed rugs infographics

overdyed rugs infographics


The rug adds both, while staying within the scheme. Alternatively, use a rug to add a jolt of colour to an otherwise neutral space without changing the vintage feel. A patchwork rug in more traditional colours is the hero in a room full of natural tones & textures.

Over dyed rugs are modern rugs which are specially designed to give stylish and vibrant look to your room. They are specially weaved, treated and washed to give a unique effect to individual rugs with 80% wool and 20% cotton and combination of different techniques and best quality Indian wool. These rugs can be well used to give deep tone to ground any contemporary home.

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Overdyed Rugs: Need to Know about Overdyed Area Rugs

Overdyed rugs have become popular in recent years. The rugs can be hand woven or quilted. One thing that the rugs have in common is that they come in vivid color in astonishing chromatic hues. Overdyed Persian rugs are unique, one-of-a-kind items. There are no two items alike. These rugs are having gone through the overdying process that resulted into inconsistencies. Below are some of the factors you need to consider when buying this type of rug.

overdyed area rug

overdyed home decor area rugs

Made from Authentic Vintage Rugs

When buying vintage overdyed rugs, make sure that they are created from old rugs that have been made in the last 100 years. The common vintage rugs that are overdyed are antique Persian and Turkish carpets.

Created through Authentic Overdye Process

Good overdyed Persian rugs are made through a natural dye process. The hand dying process involves five steps to ensure that the color is intense and will last for a long time. The rug first goes through a gentle bleaching process to remove any colors before the application of the overdye. Then a natural dye made from natural ingredients, such as flowers or vegetables, is utilized to acid wash the surface of the rug. Then the vintage rug is hand washed to set the desired final color. The last step is to let the rugs dry under the sun to make sure that the colors are permanently set, and the colors remain vibrant throughout the years.

over dyed rugs

Home decor overdyed rugs

Patchwork Overdyed Rugs

While oriental rugs can last for a long time, there are factors that can damage it over time, which include water destruction or moth damage. Instead of throwing the rugs away, some companies salvage the undamaged portion and use the pieces to form a patchwork overdyed rug. Pieces from different oriental rugs are sewn together and then go through the overdye process. The result is a modern masterpiece using vintage rug pieces.
Vintage overdyed rugs are perfect for any room. The rugs can become the focus of the room, whether it is placed on the floor or hanged on the wall. An overdyed rug can become a conversation piece while allowing guests to rest their feet on it.

And because of its vibrant color, it will definitely be the focal point of the room. If you are thinking of redecorating a room, you can base the design on the color of the overdyed rug. By using a striking hue for the carpet; a room will become livelier even with neutral colored walls and basic furniture.

When buying vintage overdyed rugs, consumers must ensure that they are antique ones. The seller must be honest about the materials of the rug and where it originated. Make sure that the rug is hand knotted, and not hand tufted.

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Traditional Moroccan Rugs for Make Your Living Area Beautiful

Traditional Moroccan Rug can appear inspiring with regard to home interiors such as a living space. They might look great in case you also select accents which could match the rug. So you could possibly buy Traditional rugs for your rooms from online rug stores. You can also update residence with rugs that contain modern and al so traditional designs.

Rugs can make the lounge look useful. Green not getting sun Traditional rugs might be perfect with regard to home decorations. These sultry themed rugs can also suit some other area. There could be few accents that you can include throughout living area which will make this rug appear good. They can make your current space appear creative plus sensational throughout spring period. These floor covers may even add amazing try the kid’s area too.

You may include Traditional Moroccan rugs inside your living room that is orange. These rugs can also revamp the location expressively. They can also redo the rooms with one of these carpets to the spring period. You may even check for the carpets which could suit the structure of the room interiors. They can also revamp the space with carpets which might be modern plus creative. There are also few accents which could complement the appearance of the room.

Brown not getting sun Traditional Moroccan rugs can also look pretty to the living space. They can easily look designer in look due to floral patterns with them. There can also be carpets that contain a chocolate bars brown color and they also can opt for brown shaded furniture bed linen and decorations or wall space. Please the appearance of your area with such tapestries too. Place these carpets throughout room outdoors too. These carpets make your living quarters look eye-catching.

Traditional Moroccan rugs that contain simple patterns can also look incredible for located area. Renovate home decorations with rugs that appear interesting. They can also make sure you the customer area pretty well. They may even renovate just about any room decorations gracefully. They may even enhance your locations with design this springtime season. Perhaps these Moroccan carpets can also revitalize residence interior areas like sun room, downstairs room, garage area plus man give.

Contemporary crafted Traditional rugs can also make your lounge appear modern-day. They could also suit some other region throughout home interiors and also outdoors. Revamp room floors and kitchen interiors with one of these carpets. They may even appear stunning inside your garden as well as the shed area from the outdoors. You can plan available your space design well. This will help you choose these rugs which could look great while using the interior theme of the area.

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