Moroccan berber area rugs home decorative tips

Moroccan Rugs weaved by Berber women within the rural mountain parts of North Africa, these rugs are made largely for particular use and often regarded because important family members possessions rarely for being sold in market. The families operate the rugs within their homes and tents during extremely frosty winters and equally very hot summers. They operate the rugs with all the pile up in the cold months to assist insulate and turn the rug onto use the spine with absolutely no pile in the summer weeks. Most Berber covers and camping tents covers are made from flat stitched carpets.

moroccan rugs

The patterns handed down through ages have extremely not transformed much after a while as a result of remoteness of the area. You’ll find no established patterns but instead symbols associated with geometric forms with origins dating back to prehistoric civilizations and their roots because fertility cults.

Berber women weave these kinds of carpets upon narrow, directory looms. The weaving itself is social as they are usually weaving alongside family, friends or maybe neighbors. Because women progress within their weaving they will roll the finished percentage of the rug beneath the loom. The superstitious nature of the Berber tribes prevents them coming from unrolling the finished percentage of the carpet prior to the entire brown area rug is completed.


Today here are a few women’s weaving cooperatives which have been popping up within the remote village parts of the High and Midst Atlas huge batch ranges but usually the “demands of the market” haven’t affected these kind of women and perhaps they are still largely weaving for personal employs, using their own unique patterns and indigenous resources. I consider this authenticity provides driven in place greater need for these kinds of rugs nowadays. As the universe becomes additional developed you will discover fewer tribal teams still weaving quickly arranged and imaginative designs.

We received the enjoyment of visiting a few of these weaving cooperatives upon our last visit to Morocco. We explored various ranges of the High and Middle Atlas huge batch regions purchasing vintage green area rugs and stopped to look at a number of the new Moroccan green area rugs on our approach to the Sahara.


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