Types Of Handmade Rugs and Carpets with it’s History

Rugs provide comfort. And that will also cost a lot. At least when this is handmade Rugs. For Rugs, which are produced in old factories, are often superior to machine-made Rugs in terms of quality and durability. However, for laymen it may be difficult at all to recognize when there is a handmade rug. This seems also scammers to know more and more attract the ignorant with false product to purchase an inferior carpet. All the more reason to deal with the essential features hand-made Rugs.

Moroccan rugs

Rugs and carpet

Basics of handmade Rugs

The art of carpet-making is reportedly already back thousands of years. The nomads are said to have it, the natural materials such as wool used for the first time to it to manufacture flooring. The hitherto oldest known handmade rug is the Pazyryk. 2500 years is said to have survived the carpet. One more proof of the durability of handmade Rugs.

The wide variety of quality produced by hand Rugs is enormous. It is now accepted misconception that handmade Rugs have to be necessarily linked. Because there are a whole range of production techniques such as weaving or tufting, the move to use in many, mainly Asian carpet factories.

And also as regards the material, the Rugs vary. When purchasing carpet, this aspect is crucial, because the material is determined to a large extent the life and quality of the floor covering.
Different carpet materials

Handmade Rugs are produced usually wool or cotton. Meanwhile, however, silk or viscose have prevailed. Itself is used for the production of pile Rugs. Depending on the material, there are different characteristics that can be critical when buying.

Wool: elastic, of course, heat-insulating, but tends to fluff
Cotton: very high tensile strength and stable, but prone to dirt and mildew in high humidity
Silk: soft, shiny, tear-resistant, but sensitive to water
Viscose: good imitation silk, shiny, rough, but lower tensile strength than silk

When buying and selling to professional traders trust

Handmade Rugs can cost several thousand euros. Due to the high quality and the complex production, these prices are justified. Nevertheless, it is hardly possible for laymen to distinguish a high-quality carpet of a substandard flooring. Who wants to buy a handmade carpet who trusts in renowned rug dealer and renounces alleged bargain from unscrupulous sellers.

The same also applies to the sale. Apartment Liquidation or flea markets have some people already cost a fortune because they have sold precious Rugs at rock bottom prices.
Distinguish fake and original

Although only professionals may assess the true value of a handmade carpet, everyone can find less based criteria even if it is a handmade carpet or machinery production. To distinguish a carpet produced by hand of machine-produced rubbers it is worth looking at the back of the carpet. For many, close links usually was a machine at work. If the carpet pattern to evenly, the carpet was probably not made by hand.

Contrary to many opinions the Knüpfart and the number of knotting in handmade Rugs are not necessarily evidence of the quality. While Knüpfart information about the origin of the carpet are – for example, whether it is a Berber or oriental rug – determines the knot density, the fineness of the carpet. The number of knotting can only be regarded as a quality mark, when the origin and type of production of carpet is well known .


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